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Be Kind To Yourself.

I've always tried to be very honest about my journey; but this one feels a little tough to let go into the universe. So I'm going to try and be graceful, but authentic.

This year has been amazing and beautiful and full of blessings. The only reason I know that is because of the challenges I have been through. My family and I have been really struggling these last few months (due to health complications, and other things that will remain private). I was in a car accident I shouldn't have walked out of, let alone be breathing today. I out my heart in another's hand, and had it handed back to me, which really hurt.

And although there have been many nights filled with tears and anger and no sleep, I am constantly shown by those around me how loved and valued I am. How I have fucking angels looking over me and protecting me with all their strength. That my family has remained strong and full of love despite what we've been through. My friends have answered every phone call, sent flowers & letters & unlimited amounts of support & love.

Not many people can say they can still smile and giggle and dance and be silly and goofy through the things I have been through. That is my superpower.

There are two things that matter in this life; the love we experience and give, and how we fucking show up in this world for ourselves and others.

We all go through hardships. We are all challenged and faced with things that we feel powerless too. But at the end of the day, we choose how we show up. We choose how we react and respond to those things. We can either let me destroy us. Or we can let them make up stronger; more loving, more appreciative, more accepting, more human.

Be kind to yourself. Sending you all so much love. 💖

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