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I Love Love

People always ask why I love Valentine's Day ❤️

I love it because it's a day dedicated to love. It's a day to remind us all of the love we have in our lives - self love, out family, friends, our partner, our pets... It's a day to dare to love with our whole heart.

I wear my heart on my sleeve. I lead with my heart. I refuse to not show kindness and gratitude to those around me.

I fall in love easy. I am a HOPEFUL romantic. I love Cinderella & Rom Coms & sappy love songs & meet-cutes.

My grandfather gave up his entire fortune for my grandmother. My papa fell in love with my nana the first time he saw her perform. My father became my mother's safe place. I grew up with epic love stories and unconditional love. I'm lucky.

I hope this year, we all let love in - on whatever shape or form. Whether it's self-love and allowing yourself to romanticize the life you live, or allowing someone to show up for you, or letting that person in who you fear could make your heart race and beat 10,000 miles an hour & then take it all away. I hope we all find the courage to accept and express love freely and unapologetically.

I love love. And I love you 🤍

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