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A weekend workout with Irena

Updated: Dec 16, 2018

We're blessed with beautiful weather, so why not utilize your yard or local park for a sunny outdoors workout? Check out my full-body cardio circuit session workout I did this weekend - all you need is yourself, a timer and your favorite playlist!


1 minute of jumping jacks

1 minute of skipping

30 seconds of jumping squats

30 seconds of push ups

1 minute plank

1 minute of down dog yoga pose

UPPER: 3 rounds with 30 sec break

30 Push ups

30 diamond push ups

30 planks with arm rotations

LOWER: 3 rounds with 30 sec break

30 slow squats

30 hip thrusts

30 backwards lunges (each leg)

ABS: 3 rounds with 30 sec break

30 full sit ups

30 mountain climbers

30 quick crunches (legs up)


10 handstands

30 second back bridge

Full body stretch where you feel needed!


If you're feeling extra energized and want to keep going, try out a 30 minute yoga tutorial on YouTube to get your body feeling zen and grounded. I love to do yoga a couple of times a week for this exact reason.

NOTE: Remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep hydrated too!

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